A plate, a patch, and an oven.

Ok, so this is the first blog post for my new adventure!  I will be talking all about food, gardening, and cooking!

I have always been passionate about food and cooking and have recently picked up the greatest past-time of all time, gardening!!!  I have two gardens right now, one of them is no longer under my full time care 😦  and the other is struggling (container gardening can be harder than raised beds.)

But the whole point of the Spring gardens this year is to learn.  I have not spent much time tending to them, they are all organically grown, some of the seeds are not organic but will be organic and heirloom for the Fall crops.  So far, besides a few bug issue everything I’ve planted has grown well without any help!  I’m excited to learn some new tricks to boost productivity and keep bugs at bay! I’ve already learned a few good tricks, did you know rosemary keeps many different bugs out of your garden or that deer are repelled by ivory bar soap?

I have also had a great time trying some recipes from the Bojon Gourmet! (no job backwards, clever, eh!)

Well I hope to see a lot of new faces checking out the blog over the next few weeks.  I will be posting almost everyday whether its a new recipe I’m checking out, new info on some exotic food, or a picture and some banter about how my garden is giving me grief!

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