Off to the beach!!!

Hey everyone, sorry for the late post today!

I’m heading out tonight for a vacation with the wifey, heading to Myrtle beach for a week.:-)  I will try to post though.  I am super excited about the farmers market there first thing in the morning. But before we get to that.  

Tonight I ventured out from my normal Pho bowl and got Canh Chua Tom!  IT…WAS…SPECTACULAR!!!!!!  I love how South East Asian cuisine so aptly matches sweet and sour!  They are the masters at balancing flavors and sometimes four at a time!  It was so good I didn’t even get a chance to take a picture of it.  The shrimp was particularly delicious and the way the Chinese celery (taro stem) stays so crunchy in the soup but suck up all the tamarind and lemongrass deliciousness!  The pineapple chunks are a super sweet and sour addition (as Americans I think we mostly find it weird when fruit ends up in savory dishes.)  

And as always I got the goi con.  These delicious spring rolls could be a meal by themselves.  I prefer dipping them in the peanut sauce with a little Srirach added!  I really need to try making these sometimes soon.  

Did I mention how great Vietnamese food is for you?  So many fresh vegetables, homemade broth, and meat as a flavoring instead of the main component!  You really cannot go wrong!!!  

What adventurous foods have you tried lately?  Hope you have a great night!  I look forward to hearing your stories.