Hot Sauce

Today I made the hot sauce!  I bought a ton of peppers the other day on the cheap from my local farmers market and got to makin’ some lick smackin’ hot sauce that will hopefully help with my addiction to sriracha!!!  It has jalapeños, bell peppers (red, yellow, and purple), a few habaneros, a couple birds eye chills, and about three or four other heirloom varieties I’m not too familiar with.image

I went all in and kept the seeds and white inner membrane.  The process is dead easy.




2lbs of peppers (tops cut off and cleaned if you don;t want it super spicy)

3c vinegar

2 cloves of garlic

2 tsp of salt

Puree all ingredients, put in a jar, close jar, store in dark space for 30 days.  Store it in the fridge after the 30 days and you can either make it chunky by using less vinegar (like sambal oelek) or you can further process it to make a sauce.

If you want to make it really smooth to pour or squirt roast the peppers first and take all the skin off before pureeing the ingredients!


This master piece is going to sit for 30 days and when its finished I’ll be sure to post an update on its deliciousness!

I also made a this today to end a delicious Lebanese 7 spice (I ground my spices fresh) chicken dish.

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