The Italian Farmers Hot Sauce

Today has been a busy day!  I hit up the local farmers market this morning to find some delicious veggies for this week, unfortunately my vacationing binge has trashed my farmers market fund!  So, I bargained for a few lbs. of second rate peppers (nbd, they’re for making hot sauce anyway!) and a bunch of delicious looking tomatoes for my wife, her favorite food and number one craving since she’s been pregnant.  I also managed to nab a few white patty pan squash, a bunch of plain jane beets, and a lb. of crispy carrots.  I made a delicious roast veggie side with the patty pan, beets, and carrots.

Patty pan drizzled in lemon, thyme (from the garden), olive oil, and salt.

Beets slathered in balsamic vinegar, thyme, olive oil, and salt.

Carrots swimming in orange, thyme, olive oil, and salt.

I added two heads of garlic cut in half to the pan and a splash of water at the bottom and about an hour later I had crispy yet deliciously roasted veg for my beef roast!

(sorry no pictures, I’m still trying to learn the ins and outs of this whole blog thing and only remember half the time to take pictures.)

imageI also grilled BBQ chicken for lunch and roasted off about an lb. of scotch bonnets, serranos, jalapeños, cherry’s, and a few mini bells to make into a roasted pepper reimagelish.

I tried to grow radishes…they ended up an epic fail in pots, they didn’t have enough room to grow and only ended up being the circumference of a coffee straw 😦  better luck next time! ( I really thought they would just grow and end up crowding each other) Everything else is doing great and the snap peas grew so much while I was gone that I had to put up the trellis this morning.  You can check out my garden picture updates here.

To finish my day off I made my aunt-in-law a tiramisu, her favorite, because she has been sick and in and out of the hospital for the last three months.  I always enjoy making tiramisu and hope to make tiramisu pancakes sometime soon.

I am also considering sheet mulching for my Fall garden.

I’m hoping to post my hot sauce making shenanigans tomorrow.  Hope you all drop by to see how it goes!